Origin Story


Kissing the Muse emerged from the transformative art curriculum I created and taught at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California from 2007-2012.

Hi, I'm Robbyn, creator of Kissing the Muse. I believe creativity is a form of intimacy, and that’s something we all need and crave. So I hope my work here inspires you to explore whatever turns on your muse!

Drawing on my background in art, psychology, writing, and film, I developed an interactive graduate course that examined the artist’s creative process through the lens of the archetypal hero’s journey— a narrative pattern that expresses the repeating, universal and eternal themes we all face when confronted with the challenge to change. 

As an ongoing creative practice, I imagined this framework could help, not only artists, but people from all walks of life, to creatively navigate life’s adventures and storms. 

The curated collection of muse dates, creative escapes, kissing practices, and inspiring resources you'll find here can help you discover and embrace the myriad of muses inside you. They are your personal travel guides for chasing your passions, wandering wildly, and changing your life.


So grab a glue stick and pucker up — your muse is waiting.

Happy kissing!


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