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A simple kiss is powerful. A kiss can change your life.



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Kissing the Muse

A Messy Magical Creative Memoir & Guide

Following a series of crushing, heartbreaking rejections, a soul-searching artist embarks on a messy, magical, creative adventure to find a worthy muse — herself. From America to Africa, England to Amsterdam, Robbyn follows her heart's call to wander wildly in a messy attempt to mend it while penning a whimsical, self-help book along the way. But when the UK home office catches wind of her creative, collage-making rituals, will it destroy her last chance for a real-life happy ending? Or is it just the beginning? 


Written for the next generation of self-empowering creatives (and those who paved the way), ​you'll write, paint, ponder and make along with Robbyn on her quest to creative well-being. Kissing the Muse is a colorful, true narrative and transformative art-making guide for anyone who has ever been lost, blocked, or broken-hearted, and didn't let that keep them down.

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