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One day I will find the right words and they will be simple. 

- Jack Kerouac

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Copywriting & Editing

From articles on art and tech to business blogs and cookbooks, I craft impactful content that fits your brand and needs.

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Creative Collaboration

Got a great idea for a creative project? Let's work together to develop the concept and plan to make it happen.

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Workplace Wellness

Bring your muse to work and watch the magic happen! My customized creative adventures can help your business sing!


A New Twist On Team Building

Kissing the Muse can help you create a more vibrant company culture by connecting colleagues and teams through customized creative adventures. 

Give your employees a break from the digital world and let them get messy and real together through a stress-reducing creative wellness program that reveals their purpose and passions.

Knowing what we're working for and the deeper roots that drive us can make all the difference in our workplace happiness.

Robbyn has the rare ability to enhance the value of a text by restructuring and enlivening the copy. On top of this, she has the ability to grasp technical and conceptual topics and turn them into accessible content.

Walter van der Scheer, Chief Marketing Officer, Netherlands

Company Creative Adventures

Creative Collaborations

A few of my favorite personal projects

Animals for Africa

Hand-crafted, folk-art-inspired stuffed animals, made and exchanged to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children in Malawi and Uganda. A not-for-profit community art program created and directed by Robbyn Layne McGill from 2011-2013.

Art & Ecology in Costa Rica

An artist residency and video project with The ComunicArte Project (CAP) in Punta Banco, Costa Rica that evolved into a collaboration and  three-week study abroad program for student teaching artists.

The Day I Became Happier Than My Psychiatrist

Winner of the Judges Honorable Mention award (Humboldt Film Festival, 2006). Hand-processed, 16mm found-footage juxtaposed with live-action based on a story written by Catalina Troshev. Produced and directed by Robbyn Layne McGill.

Fear of Falling

Hand-manipulated 16mm film images created for a performance collaboration. Inspired by James Dickey's Falling, a poem about a flight attendant who falls to her death over Kansas after being sucked out of airplane.


A psychological ride through a love-addicted mind, created with hand-painted, directly manipulated found film footage and found sounds. Created by Robbyn Layne McGill in 2003.

Other Cinema

Artist profile on an infamous underground filmmaker and his alternative microcinema in San Francisco. Written, produced and directed for Current TV.

Extra Action Marching Band

A provocative video profile on the racy and raucous Extra Action Marching Band. Created for Current TV.

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