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Pre-Order The Messy Magical Muse Deck

Illuminate Your Creative Path to Happiness Click the "buy tickets' button to pre-order.

Pre-Order The Messy Magical Muse Deck
Pre-Order The Messy Magical Muse Deck

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Pre-Order Muse Deck

Shop Kissing the Muse


About the event

Pre-order "The Messy Magical Muse" deck by clicking "buy tickets" and help fund this labor of love by the end of the year. 😘 

Advance purchases allow me to pay for the printing and deferred costs of original illustrations by my artist soul sister, Raquel Noquerol Peréz, and design by my talented friend Vili Manoli.  


It doesn’t matter whether you dabble with watercolor or cake decorating, write poetry or prose, or can't draw a stick figure to save your sister — The Messy, Magical Muse can illuminate your creative path to happiness and help you navigate along the way.

This colorful 65-card deck takes you on an inner journey to creatively kiss 13 different muses through a transformative, intuitive art-making practice. Each muse represents a phase in the cycle of change — otherwise known as life's Messy, Magical, Creative Adventure.

Discover where you currently are on the map by intuitively choosing a Muse Card or start at phase one and go through the entire creative adventure, kissing each muse in order. The 52 Creative Invocation Cards contain four different suits to inspire your muse-kissing practice: FLIRT with Words to find out what makes your muse want to sing; tease an idea with a Mixed-Media TICKLE; find your sparkle again during a Muse DATE; or conduct a KISS & TELL Ritual to gain insight whenever your life changes course — or needs to.

But be forewarned, the muse has a mind of her own, and even a peck on her cheek could change your life — for the better. So grab a glue stick, pen, and paintbrush, and pucker up. The magic is about to begin!

Includes 65 cards: 13 Muses & 52 Creative Invocations

Plus, a map for your Messy, Magical, Creative Adventure!





    The Messy Magical Muse: Illuminate Your Creative Path to Happiness




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