Sat, 24 Nov | Café de Pianist

Cocktails & Collage - Wise Creative Muse

Start your weekend with a twist- an artsy cocktail of creative collage-making, musing, and mingling!
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Cocktails & Collage - Wise Creative Muse

Time & Location

24 Nov 2018, 16:30 – 19:00
Café de Pianist, Groen van Prinstererstraat 41, 1051 EH Amsterdam, Netherlands

About The Event

Kissing the Muse hosts monthly muse dates - a creative social where we explore each phase of The Muse's Creative Adventure over drinks in our local pub. Space is limited to twelve, fearless, scissor-wielding adventurers. Reserve your spot today.


The Muse's Creative Adventure

The Muse's Creative Adventure is a twelve-phase cycle based on the mythic journey, a pattern of narrative that expresses the repeating, universal themes we all face, across time, place and cultures. Over a series of sessions, you will create a collection of Muse Mirrors® that reflect the qualities and characteristics you need to navigate each phase of your life's own adventure.

It’s not necessary to start at the beginning of the cycle or to move through all twelve phases. The benefits of Kissing the Muse can occur in a single kissing practice. No previous art-making experience is required. Adults only, please.


12- Sharing the Elixir: Wise Creative Muse

After all your trials and tribulations, you begin a new life, returning to where you started, transformed by your experience. Things will never be the same again, but you have engaged consciously, creatively, and whole-heartedly, in the pursuit of something real. Who are you now, having journeyed through this adventure?

All the different muses mirror aspects of your real self. Like the phases of the moon, each is always present, even when veiled in darkness. Your Wise Creative Muse represents the full moon. She reflects all parts of you, authentic, balanced, and whole. This muse knows herself deeply, balances her needs for connection, intimacy and alone time, and can love herself and others, wholly without fear. She accepts herself, the darkness, weakness, and light, and in doing so, feels more compassion for the suffering of others.

Like the moon circling the Earth as it revolves around the sun, our Wise Create Muse symbolizes the completeness of a cycle that continually repeats; learning, loving, loss, and growth - our never-ending story.

What gifts have you discovered or stories can you share? How might your experience help others? If your life were a movie, how does this particular adventure end? Where do you want to go next? This muse brings profound wisdom and experience as a healing elixir for your community.

This fresh perspective helps you see solutions, inspire others, and bring new hope to those you left behind. By taking even the smallest action to express the truth of who you are, you create change that reverberates and transforms the world.

  • Muse Date - Oct 20

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