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Featured Sweetheart: Santa Simule

"As I easily can create my collage, I can easily shape my life piece by piece, idea by idea, action by action, and affirmation by affirmation.”

~ Santa Simule

💕Name, place of origin, current residence & occupation

Santa Simule, home country- Latvia, residency- in and out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, working in hospitality but slowly stepping into a creative field.

💕Currently creatively musing on and/or making...

Currently creatively musing in art therapy, brainstorming and different types of collage, creative writing, mandalas and neirographica (a graphic method for transforming consciousness and creating a life you want).

💕Favorite or latest inspiration (book, music, person, etc) and why...

The latest inspiration is home body, by Rupi Kaur. I have all three of her poetry books, simply amazing. Her raw, direct, shameless language heals me, shocks me, rocks me, and opens my eyes and mind. She writes about real feelings and experiences.

💕 Describe a personal "Messy, Magical, Life Adventure" moment in a snapshot...

My messy, magical, life adventure must be my one year-long living in New Delhi, India. I went there to study arts & crafts at a small art institute. During the day I was with both hands into different types of art materials and substances, trying to understand what my Hindi-speaking teacher wants me to do. During the night I was out with my friends, enjoying the best time of our lives. But on the weekends we were challenging ourselves to fit into this incredible country. India is a bit like a collage-making: you can’t explain it; you need to experience and feel it. Anyone who has a connection with India would agree with me; it is messy; it is magical, and it is a life adventure. You will never come back the same.

💕Sweet lessons learned from kissing my muse (with Robbyn or through my own creative practice)... As I easily can create my collage, I can easily shape my life piece by piece, idea by idea, action by action, and affirmation by affirmation.

I can’t be my true self if I don’t acknowledge my deepest fears, shame, pain, pleasure, all my faces- the ugly ones, the angry ones, also the innocent ones, and the pretty ones. It is very beneficial to share your creative expressions with people who listen and understand.

💕Anything special about your first or most recent Muse Date you'd like to share?

My favourite "muse mirror” is from Refusing Rebel muse. I created at least five collages. They all were full of magic. Dialogue with the muse was intense, and it gave me a realization about my life, everything I was writing down made so much sense. I fell in love with this musing thing, and I knew I had discovered a special practice.

💕Anything else you'd like to add...

I would like to invite everyone to try Kissing the Muse or any arty experimental exploration practice. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, someone into arts or someone who does not know anything about it, or if you work in a stressful environment or most of the time chill. You do not need to like it immediately, but believe me, sometimes these “I don’t like/I can’t” are only your fears. Then ask yourself, “Do I want to live in fears and never meet my true self?”

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