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Featured Sweetheart: Marie-Andree

💕Name, place of origin, current residence & occupation

My name is Marie-Andree Brands. I a

m from the Netherlands, where I was born in the South, but after some moving around, Amsterdam is my favorite city. My two daughters were born here, 29 and 26 years ago. They have their own apartment now where they live with their boyfriends. For a few years now I have combined my pension, though I continue to do some work since it is so fulfilling for me. Have you have ever heard of Craniosacral therapy’? That’s what I do. I specialize in working with newborns and their families, that's my passion. A good start in life is worth a million!

💕Currently creatively musing on and/or making...

Typical me, never creatively busy with only one thing..not my nature either. So the most obvious project I’m doing right now is sorting out a lot of stuff that I, not my husband and daughters, don't need anymore. It is a lot of work but the results are beginning to show. Away with the cobwebs, let's see what's underneath them!

💕Favorite or latest inspiration (book, music, person, etc) and why...

Perhaps not so original, but I am always, always inspired by my children, having them was the eyeopener of a lifetime, a lovely magical challenge to find unconditional love in between the conditions. I have been lucky lately to meet Robbyn whose wonderful course "Kissing the Muse” gave me (and other women) a safe space to share personal issues. I am very much looking forward to Robbyn’s book.

💕 Describe a personal "Messy, Magical, Life Adventure" moment in a snapshot...

A number of years after my daughters were born, I decided to rent a studio, took classes and started up my passion for drawing and painting again. I even got to do some portraits assignments, to my big surprise. Very magical indeed!

💕Sweet lessons learned from kissing my muse (with Robbyn or through my own creative practice)... That taking space to reflect and share with others is very important! That when we miss it we must organize it since we’re never the only ones with this need. Others may have certain talents, so have I. We may experience blockages, but there is guidance (this is a quote from someone in my group). There will always be a new opportunity to grow, to be creative, to kiss your muse!

💕Anything special about your first or most recent Muse Date you'd like to share? My favorite muses were the first one (Daily Dance/Home-at-Heart Muse), which made me realize my need for feeling at home in an uncluttered home. To make a home for my self-created family, and the last one (Sharing the Elixir Full Moon Muse). It showed me that the sequence of the Muses that Robbyn created are mirrors of various sides of a polished diamond. So there is always continuation, earth and moon tell me this!

💕Anything else you'd like to add...

I had to grow into the structure of “Kissing the Muse” in the beginning and I was so pleased we could continue to meet physically in the studio. Thank you so much, Robbyn, your creation is a true gift. I hope that people can come together again in groups, so you can continue to attract more women to join!

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