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Kissing Practices for Balancing Both Worlds

Here's how to move forward by fueling your to-do list with love. The following kissing practices and writing prompts will bring more of the Balancing-Both-Worlds Muse energy into your life.

Balancing-Both-Worlds Muse represents the determined comeback phase of the creative adventure. You’ve survived your dark ordeal and healed, and in doing so, seized the magic sword. But your creative adventure is not over yet, as you must return with your treasure. This phase of the adventure represents a reverse echo of the call. Here, your Balancing-Both-Worlds Muse arrives to guide you home. Your former fear of the unknown has been replaced with confidence, courage, and all the fruits of your reward. You dove deep below the ego’s surface to confront the monsters down below, only to discover that your darkest secrets and oldest hurt held your greatest gifts. Now you’re determined to return with all your newfound knowledge. Your Balancing-Both-Worlds Muse helps you “safely ascend” to the surface, where duality still reigns. You’ve changed but are still learning how to be this version of yourself. She’s here to help you retain, integrate, and bring your spiritual insight and newfound wisdom back into the everyday world.

1-Create a money piece. It can be anything you want—a painting, collage, drawing, outfit, mask, or dance—made from real cash or symbolic objects and images. Whatever you do, use this piece to examine and imagine the role money plays in your life and creative expression. (You can see the "Money Muse" painting I made above, with acrylic and collage, back in 2010!)

2- Create a vision board—similar to the collage process you used to make your Muse Mirror, but this time, look for specific images of what you want to manifest or create for your next chapter. Use a computer and printer to find anything missing from the magazines. Include photos of yourself, at both your "best" and "worst" as well as words. Also, make this collage as big as you like. Place it somewhere you can see it every day.

3- Do some yin yoga or try a yoga Nidra meditation.

4- Go for a long bike ride or walk, first to a place you've never been, then return to a place that is familiar. Take photos in both places to document your journey.

5- What's the next BIG thing you need to do? Take one step towards making it happen. Journal about anything that gets in the way. What can this teach you?

6- Writing prompts:

• Write a to-do list of love

• The dream felt so real that when I woke...

• It was one of those rare moments when I knew I could do anything...

7- Journal about any ideas you have for embracing your Balancing-Both-Worlds Muse. Take action! Social share @ #KissingtheMuse #BalancingBothWorldsMuse #DeterminedComeback #CreativeAdventure.

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