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Muse Letter: Fill Your To-Do List With Love

How's life in your little corner of the world these days? It's a heatwave here in Amsterdam, so I'm moving at sloth speed, stretched out on my sofa "working" with two stand-up fans on the go, and a tall glass of iced tea. How are you staying "cool" this strange summer?

With travel pretty much off the table, and holidays canceled, or taken closer to home, they might not seem quite as exhilarating. But that doesn't mean life has to be dull! You can spark a creative adventure by kissing the muse in your own unique way! And by fueling your everyday to-do list with the people and things you love.

Like my friend, Jamail Yogis, who wrote a really cool children's book, "Mop Rides the Waves of Life—A Story of Mindfulness and Surfing." Or my friends Kirk and Camilla, who turned their love of fishing, cooking, and entertainment into a sustainable seafood and tour company.

And your muse-kissing doesn't have to be a full-on affair, either. Tom and I recently went on a "creative adventure" by cooking up some tasty new dishes from a Palestinian cookbook his parents gave us and inviting a few friends over to share the meal with us. 

We also went exploring in our own back yard here in Amsterdam. To our delight, we met some baby goats born in Westerpark and the baby elephant born at Artis Zoo during the lockdown.

How are you kissing your muse? What's on your to-do list of love? The world needs your creative expression, courage, and love.  So, wherever you are, please take some time for yourself to refuel, rejoice, and prioritize doing what you love. Happy kissing, Robbyn

Ps. If you need some inspiration to fan your creative flame, here are some fun kissing practices and writing prompts to do on your own. You can also sign up for a Muse Date here. l Iove hearing what you're up to, so please share your creative adventures with me in the comments or here!

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