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Muse Letter • January 2021

Here we are, almost a full month into 2021, and well, the world still feels a bit crazy…what's it been like for you in your little corner of it? 


Are you currently coping or thriving?  What do you want, need, or feel in this moment? Are you finding the time, energy, and encouragement to take care of yourself? Are you missing the people you love? What would you create next, if you could? Are you still dreaming and seeing hope on the horizon? If not, here's a little musical encouragement.


Sometimes, we need reminding that our life is in our hands. We may not be in “control,” but we can choose how to move through the chaos. 


So, let's all just take a moment to breathe.


Ahhhhhhh…  😍


That's better!


Even though most of us are stuck at home with all hope of traveling off the table (at least for the foreseeable future), maybe this Muse Letter will inspire you to see your own life as a messy, magical, art-making adventure! So, what can you create next?  


If you need a little boost or just some whimsical distraction, here's a fascinating article on the Science of Smooching. And if you want more, read on for more inspiring Muse News — including a new creative-writing focused Muse Date, a delicious Cherry Winks recipe, and a featured Muse Community Sweetheart. 


Shooting love straight from my screen to yours! 😘

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