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Muse Letter: January 5, 2021

Whew! What a wild ride that was! Here's to a fresh start for 2021 and to new opportunities for creating more joy and happiness, for ourselves and those around us! Last year, especially the last few months, seemed to whip us up all into a frenzy!! I personally felt like I was barely hanging on by a thread. But now, big, deep, collective breath—and exhale! Let's square our shoulders, smile, face forward, and take one hopeful step into this bright and shiny new year! No matter what state we find the world in, we each have the power to create light and love in our little corner of it, every moment. So here's to new beginnings and creative possibilities for this year and beyond. If you'd like some inspiration, connection or support for the next chapter of your life's messy, magical, creative adventure, I've include a few links below! Happy kissing!

Inspiration for you...

In addition to my regular, monthly drop-in MuseDates, I'll also be hosting a series of Creative Writing Flirts and Open Studio Mixed-Media MuseDays in 2021— both in person and online. If this sounds like something “right up your alley," drop me a line and I'll be sure to personally let you know when, where, and what is happening!

Looking for something a bit more committed than a drop-in Muse Date? I'm thrilled to be offering my second 6-week course — “Another” Messy, Magical Art-Making Adventure — both in-person and online. The studio course in Amsterdam is already full, but the online course through. Transformative Language Arts Network still has some spots to join.

The TLAN course officially starts this Wednesday, January 6, but our first online ZOOM session doesn't happen until Saturday, January 9, so there's still plenty of time to sign up!

That's all for now, friends. Let's make 2021 our most colorful and connected year ever!

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