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Muse Letter • Wonder Dawn 2024 🎉

Hope your holidays were happy and joyful. Mine twisted the lens on my life like a kaleidoscope, and everything feels a bit more dazzling and sparkly now. Nothing like a brand new year to get the creative juices flowing and the optimism shining, right?! So, let's crumple up any of last year's lingering worries and heartbreak and make a fresh determination to fill up this year's blank page with more mindful moments of hope, gratitude, and kindness. After all, this life is truly precious, and there's really no time to waste.


To help kickstart your personal love and happiness initiative for 2024, I'll be hosting a creative cosmic "reset ritual" for setting intentions and launching new projects online on January 13. And, if you're ready to make a deeper commitment to your creativity this year, my 6-week intensive online Messy Magical Creative Adventure course, hosted by the Transformative Language Arts Network, starts January 24.


If you prefer to do your creative kissing in person, and you're here in Amsterdam, join me and my friend Marshall for a drop-in Open Studio session (almost) every Friday, starting up again on January 12. I'll also be hosting a hybrid Home at Heart Muse Date on Saturday, January 27.


And, if you fancy a full-on, 4-day, music-themed creative adventure, check out this Amsterdam mini-cruise break with Harmony Voyages. I'm thrilled to be invited to host two Kissing the Muse workshops on the boat (for registered guests only) and would love to see you at the party!


Please read on for magic happenings! 😘

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