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Musing on the Mat: Art & Yoga at Tula

Five lovely ladies joined me for some art and yin yoga at Tula today. We explored phase one of the Muse's Creative Adventure - Daily Dance, guided by our Happy Homelife Muse. It was interesting to see how the space played a role in our creative process. It felt really good to spread out on the floor, and stretch out, while making our Muse MirrorMaps.

Creative workshop in Amsterdam

Making our Muse MirrorMap® art collages

Sharing our discoveries during the Kiss & Tell part of the practice

I added a few new elements to the process, including a Map for the Muse's Creative Adventure, which really inspired the women to share where they felt they were in their personal journey.

Exploring our inner muse through creative writing and art

The Kiss & Tell writing prompt, "A Love Note from Your Happy Homelife Muse," brought some surprising insights and guidance, as we all reflected deeper on what comforts and sustains us in our daily routine.

Happy Homelife muse in the making

Of course, there were lots of laughs as well, as we all enjoyed a playful day of creating and kissing the muse together, despite missing the sensational sunshine outside!

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