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Muse Letter: Refuel Your Joy

Despite feeling incredibly grateful for my simple, love-filled life here in Amsterdam, I find myself on an emotional rollercoaster with the state of the world these days. Have you experienced that too? In this time of intense soul-searching and passionate action for change, we also need resources to refuel our joy and nurture our hearts. Here are a few of my favorite finds, so far, for inspiring creative connection, self-care, and some light-hearted fun. Spark a Creative Adventure

Body Love Heather Alaine, a dancer, author, and all-around fabulous friend from California is offering up all her positive love vibes in the form of donation-based, online movement classes for all levels. I’m so happy because I really missed taking her live classes since moving to Amsterdam. Some are prerecorded, so you can do them anytime. From gentle rise & shine stretches and self-massage to full-on “DanceAmor” workouts...this lady puts your heart and soul into full-swing! Check her out! Reading I recently read City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame). Wow! What a fun ride! I’m so inspired by the historical fiction genre in general —after all, who doesn’t love “learning” through stories? But when the story takes me on a sexy, glamorous romp through 1940’s New York? Yes, please! This one is truly a celebration of female independence, and Gilbert’s heartfelt call to reclaim female sexual agency. 

Cooking Okay, I wasn’t going to jump on the bread-baking bandwagon. But then, a recipe for homemade pizza dough showed up in my inbox, and I thought, why not? It was a fun way to nourish and nurture both me and my partner and a chance to use my hands to create something tangible. Plus, punching the dough was a welcome release! I suggest setting up a creative “toppings” station and inviting your local lockdown mates to create some edible art!

Creative Connection If you could use some creative self-nurturance, I’m hosting virtual Muse Dates throughout the summer starting at 8 pm CEST/ 11 am PDT. The ZOOM URL  is always the same, and you can sign up for specific dates here.

Muses of the Moment

Alice Rhiannon designed the playful spinner necklace (below) especially for me and my Kissing the Muse fans. If you'd like to have one of your own, follow me on FaceBook because I'll be giving one away there soon!

Meanwhile, you can order this or any of Alice's other inspiring jewelry designs directly from her Etsy shop. Or contact her for a bespoke piece of your own! Meet Alice Dara Colwell created this Muse Mirror (left) during our May 28 Muse date. She's a writer and colorful friend who hails from Los Angeles and now lives in Amsterdam.

She's been working on a screenplay about the role of women cyclists in the Suffragette Movement, titled The Freedom Machine. The movie's not out yet, of course, but here's some history at the heart of her story.  Meet Dara Meanwhile, I’d love to hear how you’re “kissing your muse” to refuel your joy.  So please drop me a line anytime by replying to this email. Until next time,  Robbyn P.S. The links in this Muse Letter are only here for your convenience—they are not sponsored affiliates.

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