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Sun-Kissed Musing in Amsterdam

It was way too nice to sit inside the pub on Saturday, so Rob, the owner of Cafe de Pianist, moved some extra tables outside for us, for a very sunny sidewalk art workshop!

creative workshop
Kissing the Muse at Cafe de Pianist

We were exploring phase seven of the Muse's Creative Adventure. Our "Lost Liminal Muse" wasn't the easiest to befriend, but she brought some powerful wisdom for us all.

Petra reads the Love Note from her Lost Liminal Muse

A new friend, Andrea, joined the group, adding a fresh perspective and powerful insights to the collective.

We'll host another Kissing the Muse workshop at Cafe de Pianist on May 19, from16:30- 19:30. You can reserve your seat in the sun (hopefully!) at

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