Kissing the Muse


(For Chasing Your Passions, Wandering Wildly, & Celebrating the Creative Path)

Kissing the Muse: A Messy, Magical, Life-Making Adventure & Guidebook is an inspiring romp down the creative path, with scissors and compass in hand. Crafted from my own messy, life-making experience and shared, friend-to-friend, from the heart, this book is an interactive Eat, Pray, Love meets The Artist's Way, for the next generation of self-empowering women.

The muse is a mirror of your inner artist. She reflects your innate creative potential—as the author of your own life’s story, and as a supporting character on the world’s stage. It doesn’t matter whether you dabble with watercolor, or cake frosting, write poetry or prose, or can't draw a stick figure to save your sister, kissing your muse will illuminate your unique creative path to happiness. 


Think of this book as a map for navigating your own life's adventure story, and the muse as your compass and guide. Use them together to manifest your dreams and desires and to choose, chart or change your life's course—like I did.  When a dark secret shattered the life I had made in San Francisco, I followed my muse to Africa, then England, then Amsterdam, and penned this whimsical guidebook along the way. 


By embracing your muse as your wise, inner guide, and consulting her at every crossroad, you can reframe the plot twists and rewrite the storyline of your own life, to make more empowering, value-adding, hope-filled choices and change yourself, and the world, for the better.

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Through a simple collage-making process outlined in these pages, you’ll invoke—and creatively kiss—a dozen distinct muses who reflect your innate wisdom, courage, and capacity to manifest what you envision. Each muse evokes the intuitive guidance you need to craft a magnificent life. You’ll also find additional "flirts, dares, and teases" in mixed media, painting, prose, and performance.

Through these insightful, empowering, "muse-kissing practices," you will gain more clarity and motivation to overcome obstacles and transform problems into positive possibilities.

Approach each encounter as playfully or seriously as you would any romantic entanglement—simply flirt to find out what makes your muse want to sing, dive deeper to discover your soul’s longed-for purpose, or simply glean some muse insight and direction for navigating your life’s wild twists and turns.   


Whatever your passion or commitment to pursue it, kissing your muse fans the flame. But be forewarned, the muse has a mind of her own, and even a peck on her cheek could change your life.


So grab a glue stick and pucker up——you’re about to embark on a messy, magical, life-making adventure.

About the Author


Robbyn Layne McGill forged her messy career path by chasing her passions, wandering wildly, and kissing her muse. By her mid-20s, she had realized that living spiritually and personally connected to whatever turned her on creatively, was far more important than proving herself professionally. So, she quit her job as a video producer in Kansas City and followed her heart to San Francisco. There, she met a wild band of creative bohemians who epitomized her idea of what it meant to be “artists.” She soon began crafting her own personal, poetic film collages using found 16mm footage and eventually earned a spot in an MFA program. Upon graduation, she stumbled upon a position as associate professor of transformative art, and so, like any aspiring, naive academic, she decided to write a self-help book based on everything she “knew.” But her muse had a better idea—not to write a book, but to live one.

Robbyn holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in New Practices (painting and cinema) from San Francisco State University (2006), a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University (2013), and a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas (1993)—but the story of how she came to live in Amsterdam (with a man she truly loves, and a cat named Leonard Cohen), and host collage-making “Muse Dates” is far, far more interesting.