Craving a Creative Adventure?

Kissing the Muse casts you as artist, lover, muse, and explorer in the starring role of your own life’s creative adventure story.  

When we frame our work and lives in the context of a creative adventure, events, and circumstances take on deeper significance and meaning.  Each experience, action, and conflict become necessary to tell our story—even the seemingly mundane, mistakes, and failures. It’s not necessary to start at the beginning or to move through all twelve phases. The benefits of kissing the muse can occur in a single kissing practice.


Kissing Practice


Kissing practices are expressive-art actions that help you navigate your everyday life more consciously and creatively.  The core kissing practice,  creating a Muse Mirror collage, combines meditation and collage-making with a "kiss & tell" writing prompt. Advanced practices deepen self-exploration through painting, poetry, clay, movement, music, and ritual. No previous art-making experience is required. 

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