Phases of the Muse

The Muse’s Creative Adventure is a twelve-phase cycle based on the mythic hero's journey, a pattern of narrative that expresses the repeating, universal themes we all face, across time, place and cultures. Kissing the Muse casts you as artist, lover, muse, and explorer in the starring role of your own life’s adventure. When we frame our work and lives in the context of a mythic journey and creative adventure, events, and circumstances take on deeper significance and meaning. We become the star of our own life’s movie. Each experience, action, and conflict become necessary to tell our story, even the seemingly mundane, mistakes, and failures. These road bumps, plot twists and frustrations ultimately move us forward, shaping and transforming our character as we strive to fulfill our desires and dreams.


Kissing Practice


Kissing practices are expressive-arts-based exercises designed to reveal your inner muse’s wisdom to help you navigate your own life more consciously and creatively. The twelve core kissing practices are based in collage and free-writing. Advanced practices deepen self-exploration through painting, poetry, clay, movement, music, and ritual.


It’s not necessary to start at the beginning of the Muse’s Creative Adventure, or to move through all twelve phases of the cycle. The benefits of kissing the muse can occur in a single kissing practice. No previous art-making experience is required. 



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Kissing the Muse