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Illuminate Your Creative Path to Happiness!


The Messy Magical Muse

Illuminate Your Creative Path to Happiness

This colorful 65-card deck takes you on a transformative journey to creatively kiss your inner muse. The muse is a mirror of your authentic Self. She reflects your innate wisdom and creative power to manifest positive change. She reminds you to fully embody this truth: YOU are the artist of your own life. 

Each beautifully illustrated muse card in the deck represents a phase in the universal cycle of change — otherwise known as life's "Messy, Magical Creative Adventure." Creatively "kissing" the muse at each phase can reveal the insight you need to navigate the personal, professional and creative challenges of the moment more consciously, clearly and intuitively.


The 52 creative "kiss' cards contain inspiring prompts to find further empowerment through your own  explorations in collage, mixed media, expressive writing and intentional adventures.


So grab a glue stick, pen, and paintbrush, and pucker up. The magic is about to begin!

Includes 13 Muse cards and 52 Creative Kiss cards.

Plus, a map for your messy, magical, creative adventures!

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