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A simple kiss is powerful.
A kiss can change your life.

- Robbyn Layne McGill

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Kissing the Muse

A Messy, Magical, Creative Adventure & Guidebook

For chasing your passions, wandering wildly, and changing yourself

(and the world) for the better.

A colorful narrative and whimsical guide for personal transformation, Kissing the Muse is a playful, empowering, imperfect dance down the creative path — with scissors and gluestick in hand.

Carved, crafted, and tested from my own messy, magical creative adventures to serve as both a compass and map for yours, you'll discover your inner muses as I share how I came to know mine.


Over a cyclical, 12-phase inner journey, you'll invoke and creatively "kiss" a dozen distinct muses through meditative explorations in expressive writing, mixed media, painting and performance. Each muse reflects a particular phase in a universal messy, magical creative adventure.


Whether you need a restorative self-care ritual to reconnect with your inner muse or a quick “writing flirt” for intuitive insight and direction, Kissing the Muse is an empowering, tangible, spiritual practice that can illuminate your authentic path to happiness and help you navigate along the way.

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