The Book

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A Messy, Magical, Creative Adventure & Guidebook

For chasing your passions, wandering wildly, & changing yourself (and the world) for the better.

Inspired by the tarot and the hero/heroine’s archetypal journey, this book takes you on a messy, magical creative adventure rooted in transformative art. Transformative art is any artistic activity that expands self-awareness and creates a positive impact or change. Here, these transformative, art-making rituals are called Kissing the Muse.


Over this book’s cyclical, 12-phase creative adventure, you’ll creatively kiss a dozen distinct muses — each reflects a different aspect of your innate creativity, wisdom and power at a particular phase of the journey. You can tap that wellspring of subconscious knowledge for insight, guidance and growth through the repeated kissing practice of making a Muse Mirror collage.


Similar to tarot cards, Muse Mirrors symbolically reflect the spiritual wisdom you need to navigate life’s twists and turns. Culled from recycled magazine images, each Muse Mirror is a unique reflection of your own symbolic, subconscious language. Through the methods outlined in this book, you’ll learn to access and interpret this language for spiritual insight and guidance. Each chapter also contains 15 - 20 additional kissing practices in expressive writing (flirts), painting and mixed-media (tickles) and interdisciplinary performance (dares) to help you embrace your muse even further.


Whether it's a restorative creative self-care ritual to reconnect with your true self, or a quick “kiss” for intuitive insight and direction, Kissing the Muse is an empowering, tangible, spiritual practice that can illuminate your authentic path to happiness and help you navigate along the way.