Tue, 19 Mar | Xebia Netherlands B.V.

Intentional Transformation & Creative Insight for Professionals

Harness the transformative power of art-making and storytelling to solve problems, gain insight, achieve goals, and more confidently navigate the cycles of change in your work life!
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Intentional Transformation & Creative Insight for Professionals

Time & Location

19 Mar 2019, 16:00 – 20:00
Xebia Netherlands B.V., Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB Hilversum, Netherlands

About The Event

Kissing the Muse is an active, creative mindfulness practice that uses collage-making, storytelling (narrative therapy), and Jungian psychology to help you improve any area of focus—work, creativity, family, relationships, health, even your finances—by revealing your personal narrative and empowering you to change it. What’s working for or against your “hero’s” purpose? What makes your muse want to sing?

The muse is a mirror of our innate, creative potential. Kissing the muse brings us face-to-face, metaphorically, with the blank page or empty canvas of our lives - the untamed, uncharted territory of unlimited possibilities. Whether we’re creating art, love, or our own life’s adventure, embracing our inner muse can help us navigate the process more intentionally, intuitively, playfully, courageously, and gracefully.


The Kissing the Muse: Intentional Transformation & Creative Insight for Professionals (ITCIP) program for XEBIA takes place over six sessions. It casts you as an artist, lover, muse, and explorer in the Muse's Creative Adventure, a twelve-phase pattern of narrative that expresses the repeating, universal themes we all face, across time, place and cultures. Participants review their personal narratives and create a collection of Muse Mirrors® that reflect the qualities and characteristics needed to navigate their personal and professional "creative adventure" story, at various stages of the creative process.

We make meaning of our lives through the stories we live out as we interact with each other. These stories are shaped and constrained by the stories that are carried in our social, political, and interpersonal contexts--the narratives of myths, movies, novels, advertising, family legends, and fairy tales. When we frame our work and lives as a creative adventure story, each experience, action, and conflict takes on a different significance; even the seemingly mundane mistakes and failures become meaningful and necessary. These road bumps, plot twists and frustrations ultimately move us forward, shaping and transforming our character as we strive to fullfill our desires and dreams. Eventually, we come to see ourselves as the empowered star of our own life’s movie, while simultaneously playing a more intentional and supporting role in the world.

It's not necessary to start at the beginning of the cycle or to move through all twelve phases. The benefits of Kissing the Muse can occur in a single kissing practice.

XKE dates for the Intentional Transformation & Creative Insight for Professionals (ITCIP) program:

Jan 22- Phase 1 ”Daily Dance: Home-at-Heart Muse” & Phase 2 “Creative Call: Seducing Siren Muse”

Feb 19- Phase 3 “Critical Resistance: Refusing Rebel Muse” & Phase 4 “Open to Learning: Magical Guru Muse”

March 19- Phase 5 “Bridge of Commitment: Brave Bride Muse” & Phase 6 “Wild Unknown: Daring Adventurous Muse”

B2.11 Blue-Sky (10p)

April 16 - Phase 7 “Diving Deeper: Lost-in-Limbo Muse” & Phase 8 “Dark Ordeal: Surviving Shadow Muse”

May 7- Phase 9 Enlightening Epiphany: Hopeful Healing Muse & Phase 10 “Determined Comeback: Balancing-Both-Worlds Muse”

June 25- Phase 11 “Transformative Test: Zen Warrior (of Love) Muse” & Phase 12 Sharing the Elixir: Wise Creative Muse


Registration is Closed

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