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Muse Letter • February 2022

Here's a long-overdue Muse Letter from me to you and our shared, creative community. I hope this finds you happy and healthy as we dive headfirst into 2022. 


As much as I had hoped to have this brand-spanking new year perfectly planned and mapped out by now — a clean calendar filled with many joyous, life-celebrating occasions (and a set schedule of Muse Dates) — my brain won't seem to cooperate. Instead I keep opening “too many tabs” in my life's “operating window,” and so, making no real progress at all. Can you relate? 


If so, here's a little article I found that has reminded me of the value of, not just slowing down, but stopping all together: The Poem That Will Gently Teach You the Wisdom of Doing Less.


Then again, maybe my problem isn't about doing too much, but more about trying to plan it all “perfectly”— ha! ha! (cue laugh track.)


Maybe you can relate to that too? If so, here's an invitation to join me in letting all THAT nonsense go—during the only two Muse Dates I have set (for sure) so far for 2022:


First Friday Writing Flirt on February 4 — Online


A Messy, Magical Muse Date on February 19 — in person, in Amsterdam!


So that's it, permission to get wild, messy and creatively expressive together—with no expectations or plans. Sign up in advance, or heck, show up spontaneously. Either way, I hope to see you there!


Oh, and since it's February, the month of love (and my birthday), scroll down all the way for Love After Love, a heartfelt reminder about your truest Valentine, whether you're coupled or not.


Happy kissing! 😘

ps. This is an excerpt from my Flodesk newsletter archive. To view the full original, please click the button below.

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