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Muse Letter • Make Art Not War • March 2022

Apologies for dropping into your inbox twice in one week, but there's been so much on my mind—and I imagine the same for you. This is the Muse Letter I've been meaning to send—something more than just an event update—but it's taken some mulling.

So, where to begin? Let's start with the image above, created by American artist and activist Obey Giant (aka Shepherd Fairey). I had the original version, created during the Iraq War, as a postcard on my altar, back when I lived in San Francisco. This street art motto resonates today more than ever, as does the update created for the artist's own Ukraine fundraising campaign. (I can't tell you what I mess I made when trying to use crypto currency to contribute to it - so unless you're savvy with that, don't bother, here's a list of other options for donating, plus my own two picks follow.)

So, what to do in the face of overwhelming destruction, needless suffering and yet another heartbreaking humanitarian crisis? One with potentially catastrophic consequences for the entire world? All right on the heels of a (receding?) pandemic?

Make Art. Not War. In other words, prioritize creative, not destructive, acts. And don't give up hope.

Of course, I don't need to tell any of you that. Then again, it's a LOT to take in. A hell of a lot. That's why I was so grateful to read this article, “What to Do When the World is Ending,” sent by an ols friend. It's also the source of the quote at the top of this letter, by political activist and author Suzanna Arundhati Roy.

Needless to say, I've been down a rabbit hole, but I'm coming back out again. And I want to inspire you to do the tiniest thing to bring hope, light and love to your world, if not directly to the Ukraine. A drop in the ocean is more than standing frozen — feeling numb with the overwhelm of it all.

So keep scrolling for more creative inspiration and opportunities to make art for Ukraine, and for your own peace of mind.

All proceeds for my online Muse Dates in March and April will go to support UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency and International Medical Corps. And if you can't join one of these events, please consider making a donation directly to a charity close to your heart — and making some creative acts of your own.

With love and hope, 😘

~ Robbyn Layne

Ps. This Muse Letter is from my Flodesk archive. To view the full newsletter email from March 22 online, click the button below.

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